Boomstick Brewing Company & Motel

Corner Brook, NL 2017 - 2018

Corner Brook Fabrication & Steel installed the steel structure of the Boomstick Brewing Company & Motel (Owner, Majors Logging)

Cook's Brook Road Transformation

Corner Brook, NL 2017

Covered Bridge Concrete Is Placed Over A River. Bank Is Infilled. Road Is Built Over The Culvert

Customized Manufacturing Of Quick Couplers

completed projects

Corner Brook Fabrication and Steel has successfully completed many projects over the years. From small to large scale projects, we take pride in a job well done. Below are some of the projects we have made a success. Click on any business name listed below to see the details on that project.

Corner Brook Pulp & Paper
  • Safety ladders c/w cages and landings
  • Removed and replaced troughs C70, C73, and C71
  • Removed and replaced stokers
  • Fabricated and installed scandia wear plates in numerous locations
  • Supplied and installed steel grading platforms for chip singe bin
  • Removed and replaced metal roofing and siding on bark reclaim building
  • Fabricated 40' steel conveyer c/w belting C52 bypass conveyer
  • Supplied and installed roof canopy for shed loading doors
  • Fabricated and installed fill chutes for gypsum make down tank
  • Fabricated stainless steel drag flights #7 boiler
  • Fabricated bloer vane for woodroom
  • Fabricated and installed dryer felt rool spacer blocks
  • Supplied and installed chip screens c/w frames
  • Removed & replaced trunion mounts and hydraulic cylinders in back reclaim
  • Roll wear plate for screw conveyer
  • Removed screw conveyer (50 ton crane)
  • Removed existing conveyer system
  • Installed new system for bark reclaim (concrete, steel, stainless steel piping, canopy, drag chain, belting and safety guards)
Atlantic Ready Mix
  • Structural steel building
  • Metal roofing and siding
N Dobbin / Sobeys
  • Installed air conditioning units/air conditioner (25/50 ton cranes)
Corner Brook Hospital
  • Removed tower generator from building (50 ton crane)
  • Supplied and installed steel support beams and columns
  • Reinforced ceiling for modern equipment
Brook Enterprises
  • Fabricate steel jackets for Oceanex
  • Steel canopy for Humber Valley Resort
Chaffey's Dairy
  • Stairway c/w landings for inside dairy building
Stan Dawe Ltd
  • Dump trailers for chips
Newfoundland Hard Rock
  • Installed new steel security door
Humber Valley Resort
  • Supplied rebar and steel beams
Marine Contractors
  • Rebuilt tractor trailer frame
  • Rebuilt semi-dump trailers
  • Rebuilt new excavator and loader buckets
Transmission / Radar Sites
  • Removed and installed new towers (Deer Lake, Englee, St. Anthony, & Stephenville)
Fisheries & Oceans
  • Floating dock, galvanized steel framework
  • Installed fifth wheel plates
Town of Stephenville
  • Rebuilt incinerator
Miscellaneous Projects
  • Steel bridges
  • Wooden decking
  • Safety railings