Corner Brook Fabrication & Steel is one of the largest facilities in Western Newfoundland. Our building encompasses over 16,000 square feet of space. We can perform all fabrication in-house. For larger jobs, we offer complete crane and mobile welding services to get the job done.

A big part of getting the job done on time is having the right equipment. Corner Brook Fabrication & Steel has a multitude of equipment to serve you. If your business requires on-site service, Corner Brook Fabrication & Steel has you covered. We have a variety of mobile equipment that we can use to help you complete the project.

In-House Equipment

  • Two Overhead 5-Ton Cranes
  • Hydraulic Iron Worker
  • Hydraulic Shear (5/8x12')
  • Hydraulic Punch
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Miller Welding Machines
  • Lincoln Welding Machines
  • Various Grinding Tools
  • Plasma/Oxy Fuel Table (6x12)
  • Rebar Forming Machine
  • Miller Plasma Cutter
  • Miller MIG Wire Feeders
  • Unicut Steel Saw
  • Two Air Compressors
  • Rigid Threading Machine
  • Electrode Ovens
  • Two Sand Blasters

Mobile Equipment

  • Terex Crane T 560-1
  • Ford F350 Welding Truck
  • Chevy 3500 Crew Vehicle
  • Grove 5120 120 Ton All Terrain Crane
  • Kenworth/Elliot 32 Ton Boom Truck
  • 6 Service Pickup Trucks (4x4)
  • 1 Ford F350 Dually c/w 30' Trailer